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Rocky Mountain Horse Videos from Cedar Grove Farm

Rocky Mountain Horse videos taken here at Cedar Grove Rocky Mountain Horse Farm feature a variety of activities with our mountain horses ranging from the birth of one of our babies, young Rockies playing in the snow, training the young horse, to demonstration of gait in some of our triple certified Rocky Mountain, Kentucky Mountain, and Mountain Pleasure Horses. Many of the mountain horses featured in these videos are for sale. Visit our horses for sale page for more information, pedigrees, photos, and videos. Also visit our Facebook page for lots more photos and activities about life on our Rocky Mountain Horse Farm. All of the videos listed below are available on YouTube.


Orphan Foal Training

Our first foal of 2014

Our second foal of 2014

Introduction to the bit in young horses

Horse Desensitization Training

Working with three week old Rocky Mountain Horse foals

Trail Riding Rocky Mountain Horses, Part 2

Trail Riding Rocky Mountain Horses, Part 1

Rocky Mountain Horse Live Birth.

Rocky Mountain Horse ground work and trailer loading Demo

Rocky Mountain Horse Gaiting.

Chocolate Rocky Mountain Horse CGF Sheeza Beauty Star.

Rocky Mountain Stallion CGF Absolutely Incredible.

Rocky Mountain Stallion in gait, canter.

Rocky Mountain Horses playing in snow.




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